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Prakash Kamaraj
4 min readMar 7, 2022

Lurkers got Talent | Genesis Season

It all started when a few members from Superteam wanted to include lurkers in Superteam’s building environment. So if you are new here, getting into Superteam as a member is quite difficult, you must show your Proof of Work or complete a Superteam bounty. The thing about bounties is, they’ve got quite a cut-throat competition. To give an example, recently a logo design bounty had over 60 submissions.

We thought let’s ask lurkers what they think about this idea?

We put out the feeler poll back in January to gauge the active lurker sentiment.

And the show began!

We got a great response from the lurker’s community so we quickly formed a member team among us and quickly noted down some ideas that we can ask lurkers to give them a shot.

We thought of about 6 different ideas for lurkers and another 3 open ideas to choose from. And the game was on! You can read everything here.

We got an overwhelming response and a bunch of queries, so we had to set up a special FAQ to address the queries of lurkers.

We had some common QnA & feedback en route to the event and we had them answered.

We waited a few days to see what lurkers got in store for us, boy we were amazed! So many amazing submissions! But we discussed among ourselves and we picked a winner. Pratik Saria and Timothy Odei Yirenkyi won the first-ever Lurkers got Talent by making Solstore e-commerce.

Here’s why we think the submission was amazing from the team; Pratik and team picked up one of the most familiar boilerplate from Epic store and they managed to Solana-fy the website store with a Solana-pay & the ability to use phantom wallets. They were also able to demonstrate the on-chain activity as well for a sample NFT transaction. We believe they will be able to do great things to evolve the idea of Solstore.


  1. Submission:
  2. Github:

Follow-up event:

We also held an event called Lurkers got Talent (Yes we know, we should’ve named it something else), where we witnessed some amazing stuff that lurkers built. This event was sponsored by Kunal and the team of You can see the amazing POAP for yourself with the following link.

This event was won by Rajat Bopalkar for creating an amazing DAO Management Platform. You can see for yourself here.

We felt Rajat was able to bring out a very intuitive dashboard that has a lot of value add to the DAO, with a creative dashboard enable by phantom wallet-connect and an intuitive view of nice to have features such as the bounty-board, general Updates, Proof of work & a potential collaboration tooling that maybe brewing from Rajat to come.

We want to give a shout out to EternalYouth for creating this amazing discord bot. Along with him crazylazylife for creating Collab Tool, Shagkaul for creating this amazing community collaboration tool. For those with a nerdy interest wanting to learn more on how the tool was developed, check out the blog written by Shivang. ]

To sum it up, we got 3 amazing members from this amazing talent pool of lurkers and we look forward to conducting many more ‘Lukers got talent’ to find all the amazing folks out there! Wagmi.

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