Personal Highlights of 2023

Prakash Kamaraj
2 min readFeb 15, 2023

The past couple of months have been tremendous in terms of the wonderful connects that I’ve made professionally and personally.

As the Lead Blockchain Architect of Chingari, I had the opportunity to evangelize our innovative developments in the Web3 Social Media space to a lot of folks ranging from Web2 companies who are hypercurious on the Web3 Growth stack that we have built and the tremendous partnership that we had made with Aptos Labs, who are bullish on our thesis of Web3 social media.

At the Aptos NFT Meetup

It was a great time to speak about our project to the closeknit Aptos community at Palo Alto, California prior to our signature expansion to the Aptos Network. The community really resonated with our vision in the Web3 Social Media space. Not to forget the rousing welcome we had with the Aptos team. We expect great things to happen with Chingari to launch on the Aptos Network in Q2 of this year.

Dinner with Aptos Labs team

Meeting of the minds

There was the eventual meeting of the minds virtually between both Chingari & Aptos Labs core engineering leads, who were excited to support us with the initial hack session on our Product development plans. We were particularly impressed with the hyperdynamic approach when it comes to expanding the Aptos blockchain to meet the demands of the evergrowing Web3 space. This team definitely has the goods to deliver a killer blockchain with a safe and a secure experience for the end-user of commercial applications.

In Pic. David Wollinsky & Greg at the Aptos Labs office

Meeting the rest of the team was also a blast, given their vast experience in scaling products at Facebook & the Diem project, which now has the opportunity to re-envision through Aptos.

Can’t wait to share more on the experience of working with the rockstar team at Aptos Labs.



Prakash Kamaraj

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